Let's talk dirty. 

Even if you've already made the switch to "green" products that promise clean ingredients that are non toxic for you and mother earth, sadly, the work isn't really done. Have you taken a moment to think about all the plastic those so called sustainable products are packed in? How clean can a product be if the end result of your sparkling kitchen and silky soft hair is a trashy mess? 

It's estimated that about 552 million 15 oz shampoo bottles end up in US landfills each year. That's enough to fill over 1,164 football fields. And that's just shampoo! Take a quick look around your kitchen and bathroom, and it's not hard to see how plastic has literally taken over your home, and the planet. Even if you're doing your part by recycling, sadly only about 9% of that plastic will ever make it past the dump. The fact is, we have very dirty cleaning habits. 

Plastic Pollution in the bathroom

To make matters worse, the onus is on you, the consumer, to bear the brunt of the burden of reducing your plastic footprint. Are YOU recycling, are YOU seeking out products in alternative packaging, Are YOU, are YOU, are YOU?? How fair is that? When it takes more time, money and effort to choose zero waste products - it's easy to see why most consumers are left feeling overwhelmed and lost in a sea of mounting plastic. 

But what if we told you it's actually easier than you thought to start chipping away at that big ol' pile of trash? Swapping just a few products in your routine for zero waste, multi-tasking wonders can make a big impact - fast! Like switching from liquid and cream haircare (most of which are bottled in plastic) to solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Yup, it's that simple.

We get it, you're still skeptical, and you're wondering if solid shampoo and conditioner bars are right for you… but that's where we come in! We're on a mission to make going zero waste feel like an empowering choice, not a difficult choice, so we did the homework for you. Read on to discover our TOP 5 reasons to officially pass on plastic haircare, now! 


Yes, we have to start here. Why? Because it's critical. Scientists have warned for years the grim future we face as our planet fights back against our polluting ways. We've all seen the images of sea turtles trapped in plastic bags and wildlife washing ashore with bellies full of plastic trash. It's a REAL problem, not just a heart-wrenching image on your IG feed. 

"Most of the plastic that has been made is no longer in use — about 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic have been thrown away since 1950. About 12 percent of that has been incinerated, which is the only way to permanently dispose of plastic; 9 percent has been recycled, which only delays final disposal; and 60 percent — about 4.9 billion metric tons — is in landfills or scattered in the environment." 

The Immense, Eternal Footprint Humanity Leaves on Earth: Plastics: New York Times, July 2017 

The frustrating part is, most companies and governments put the onus on the consumer to make the necessary changes. We get it, it's total BS. But, we're here to say that companies and corporations can and should be the first step in helping reduce waste. How? By choosing people and planet over record high profits. We believe that companies (like ours!) can be successful without having to sacrifice the mission of eliminating plastic from the consumption funnel. And we’re doing it while creating amazing, zero waste, nontoxic hair, body and home essentials that actually work! 


Ok yes, this is technically two reasons, but hair and health go hand in hand. Why? Because you scalp absorbs whatever you put on it through the 13 Emissary Veins on your head, which means the products you are washing and styling your hair with are literally seeping into your brain. Yikes! When was the last time you really looked at what was in your shampoo? Most conventional shampoos contain known toxins like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates, polyethylene Glycols (PEG), formaldehyde, and many many more. Even if you’ve done the due diligence and swapped to “cleaner” products, you may still be getting a daily dose of nasties if those products contain synthetic fragrance, fragrance oil, dyes, iron oxide and micas. When it comes to haircare and your health, purity really does make a difference. That’s why we’ve opted out of toxic chemicals, fragrance and dyes (even so-called natural versions) completely! Our motto: “if it doesn’t do anything for the health of your hair, we ain't using it, period.” You’ll notice our shampoo and conditioner bars are all completely dye free and synthetic fragrance free. What you will find in our bars are pure essentials oils, nut butters and gentle surfactants like Sodium Coco Sulfate, which is a larger molecule and does not penetrate the hair or skin (more on this later) making it a safe, effective cleanser. 

Pretty Planet Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Most liquid shampoo and cream conditioner is made of 80-90% water, and 10% toxic crap like parabens, phthalates, sulfates and fragrance. Even if your product is packed with so-called nourishing ingredients, they are watered down, which means, they aren't nourishing your hair the way they could be. 

Pretty Planet solid shampoo and conditioner bars are super concentrated with hair loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil that gently cleanse and detangle, while immediately replenishing each strand with nourishing, natural oils - so you're paying for nourishing ingredients, not water. 

Pretty Planet Shampoo Lather
Plus, the solid bar form lasts longer than most traditional 15oz bottles. On average you’ll get 60-70 washes from liquid shampoo, vs. 80-90 washes with Pretty Planet Shampoo bars, which means you’ll replenish less often, saving you money, and saving the planet from additional plastic pollution. 

We all love a good long shower, but who has time for that?! Between meetings, carpools, classes, and life, most of us are zipping through our morning routine at lightning speed. The great thing about a shampoo bar, though, is that it streamlines your routine in a major way. The quick application, lather and clean rinsing action of the shampoo bar–which doubles as a shave bar– cleanses hair quickly and efficiently. Ditto with the conditioner bar, which makes a great leave-in-conditioner and won't weigh down hair or cause build up!

Plus, there’s no transition time! Many are hesitant to make the switch to shampoo bars because it takes a while for hair to get used to them. It can feel difficult to work the product through, and you might feel skeptical that your hair is really getting clean. Unlike other shampoo bars, our bars are soap free and work from day one. It’s easy to work through hair and it leaves your locks feeling cleansed, lightweight, and full of life. 

Pretty Planet Shampoo Bars

2 bars, 4 ways to use them = 1 quick shower (and one happy boss when you arrive (or login) early on Monday morning for once)! 

From fighting for more space in the bathroom, to the overhead bins on that packed flight for your weekend getaway or work trip - space is sacred. Shampoo and conditioner bars take up about as much space as an apple. Which means, more room on your shower shelves and more room for vacay outfits! It’s also a huge win to discover your shampoo or conditioner hasn’t exploded into your bag once you arrive at your destination. Shampoo and conditioner bars are also TSA approved! No messing with that awful plastic / clear bag situation required to get through security. 

Pretty Planet Shampoo and Conditioner

So there you have it, five undeniable, and easy, reasons to make the switch to plastic free hair care! We could go on and on about this topic, but we did promise to save you time :)

Enjoy your new routine, and let's make #prettynotplastic the new norm.