Meet Pretty Planet Supply Co - a business on a mission to clean up the planet, one bar at a time. Discover our curated collection of natural, non-toxic and plastic free hair, home and body products designed to work hard for you while being gentle on our planet. 


Sarah Sims Founder Pretty Planet Supply Co
Hi! I'm Sarah, founder of Pretty Planet Supply Co. As a veteran of the clean beauty industry, I've witnessed first hand the impact we can create when consumers start standing up to companies pushing toxic products. Through our collective purchasing power we've ushered in a paradigm shift that is paving the way to cleaner products and ingredient transparency. Now it's time to tackle the next mounting problem - plastic! I founded Pretty Planet Supply Co because I believe that using less plastic should be an empowering and enjoyable choice, not a difficult chore. Our products make it easy to lead a low waste, healthy life without sacrificing product performance, convenience, or style. We offer a thoughtful collection of zero waste, multi-tasking hair, body and home products that actually work - and at accessible price points.

It's not about practicing zero waste perfectly, it's about more people taking small steps to reduce their footprint. Swapping just a few products in your daily routine can, and does, make an difference. So join me, and let's create a cleaner, prettier planet for all! 
XX - Sarah S. ✌🏼 💚  🌎


Plastic Pollution
There's a long list of facts out there about plastic trash and why recycling doesn't work. But the simple truth is, Pretty Planet is plastic free because it's just better.
  • Better for you
  • Better for your wallet
  • Better for the planet
But here's the deal: The facts matter and help put a low waste lifestyle into perspective. Let's take a look:
  • In the time it takes you to read this list of facts, 570 tons (!) of plastic will be produced.
  • That's over 300 million tons of plastic per year that will litter this planet and sit in our landfills.
  • And for the rough part: only 8% of plastic will ever be recycled, leaving 276 million tons of plastic destined for landfills, rivers and oceans. Um, WTF?! is right! 
  • Shampoo alone contributes over 552 million bottles of non-biodegradable trash to landfills each year.
  • The average woman uses 12 (TWELVE) beauty products a day - most of which are packed in plastic containers, making your morning routine a big trashy mess.
  • Conventional Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cleaning products and liquid soap is made of about 95% water and 5% toxic ingredients. 
  • Bio plastic is a little better, but it's not the best solution. The amount of fossil fuels and chemicals needed to turn plants into the biodegradable plastic takes an enormous toll on the environment. 
  • The US produces 30% of the worlds waste despite having only 4% of the worlds population. 

With education and the right tools, going plastic free can be a fun, and easy process. 


Plastic Free Non toxic Vegan Shampoo Bars 

We aren't the first company to do this, but we may be the first to do it differently. When you purchase from Pretty Planet Supply Co. you can always count on us to offer:

    • A judgement free zone
    • 100% plastic-free products
    • Full ingredient transparency
    • High performance products that actually work
    • Non-toxic, SLS free, fragrance-free, vegan, dye-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and cruelty-free formulas
    • Multi-use products that save time, money and the planet
    • Eco-friendly, minimal packaging
    • Sustainably sourced ingredients
    • Fair, accessible pricing 
    • Prioritize made in the US products and manufacturers