So you've made the earth conscious decision to upgrade your hair care to plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars. Kudos to you, you've completed the most difficult part of your zero waste journey - commitment to change! Now that you have the bars in hand, you're wondering if you're using them properly. The good news - you really can't f*** this up. But, to get the most benefit out of these babies follow the simple steps below. 


  • Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for your good choices. We're sending you a virtual high five as well! 
  • Prep your shower by eliminating un-used plastic containers (please discard responsibly). 
  • Make sure you've invested in a soap dish or wire rack that allows ample drainage and drying for the bars. Allowing them to dry completely between each use is vital to protect the life of the bar. 
  • Turn on your favorite jams (totally optional, but we love some good tunes while we lather up)

Ok, now that we've set the stage, we're ready to get to it. 


  1. Wet your hair and the bar
  2. Apply bar directly to hair at roots, then lather with hands 
  3. Rinse clean with water 
  4. Follow with conditioner bar for added moisture  
  5. Tip: works great for shaving

No ACV rinse required! These bars work like a dream and leave your hair feeling nourished and manageable, from day one. 

 Shampoo Bar How To


  1. Wet your hair and the bar
  2. Apply bar directly to hair from mid shaft to ends. Use a painting motion to apply to strands.
  3. Rinse clean with water 
  4. Tip: if extra moisture is needed to combat dry / frizzy hair or define curls, add a little extra conditioner to your ends as a leave-in-conditioner.

Each bar should last up to 80-90 washes depending on how frequently you wash your hair, and how thick or long your hair is. 

 Pretty Planet Shampoo and Conditioner

We'd love to see, and show off your zero waste journey. Post your hair pics, as well as plastic free shower before and afters on Instagram and tag us @prettyplanetco #prettynotplastic to be featured. 

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